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Smart city management

Be a modern and digital city of the 21st century.
We create concepts of Smart City, smart and modern cities. It doesn't matter if you are a small municipality or a large city, the smart Urbido solution will help you with your daily agenda and digitization. Via GIS (map system), communication with citizens via the Citizen's Portal or by sending bulk SMS and emails, through the administration of the cemetery, to the registration and monitoring of contracts. All connected in one modern online system.

Modular solution

GIS - interactive map

Sophisticated interactive 3D map with all the features of classic GIS. The map is linked to all the data in other parts of the application, so you can easily access the information you need. Whether it is a link to a building, land, activity (revision or block cleaning) or an online document. The map contains all important layers, search or print options. All important map materials together - real estate cadastre, zoning plan, easements, utilities or floodplains in the village. However, you also have other passports at your disposal, such as roads, traffic signs, greenery or lighting. Try the new generation of GIS systems!

Operation and maintenance &
Energy management

An overview of all inspections and controls, cleaning, maintenance or other activities related to property management and building operation. Everything can be found quickly and easily, with attached documents (eg protocol or audit report) and contact information for the relevant person or company. You know all the necessary information about the activity. The application itself will also send you a timely notification of the upcoming date. The system includes a continuously updated catalog of all revisions and inspections in accordance with applicable laws, decrees and standards. Monitor and control the progress of your processes, related defects and unfinished work, or cooperation with external suppliers.

Overview of building energies, consumption prediction and long-term history of measured values. Manage and work with energies smartly and easily. Clear reports or links to smart readings. Energy management of public lighting - overview and analysis of consumption. You can easily find out where you can save or how much each type of lighting costs you and in what period.


An overview of finances and their flows in the form of costs for a project, construction or one specific facility. Overview of organization revenues and cost comparisons. With this module you can easily compare planned costs with actual - invoiced ones. Plan your costs, either automatically on the basis of periodic activities (revisions, inspections, services) or operational actions (eg renovations) and create a preliminary budget and operating costs for your buildings and equipment. The module can be connected to your accounting / economic system for automated data migration.

Document & Contract management

All documents together and in digital form. In addition, you have other important information for each document. Based on filters and quick search, you will always find the document you need quickly, easily and from anywhere. Keep your documents tidy and save you time and worries. The module enables the versioning of documents with an audit time and personnel trace of a new version or change of a document.

Contract records provide you with an overview and keep track of important dates for you. In addition, you always know exactly and immediately what the contract is, what the performance is or the deadlines for termination or extension of the contract. The module is compatible with the register of contracts.

Property management & BIM

Overview of the municipality's property with buildings and land connected to the real estate cadastre and other map layers in the GIS. For each passport, you have detailed information and links to documents, operation and maintenance or economics of property and buildings. Comprehensive and sophisticated overview of all municipal property.

BIM - 3D models of buildings with information for facility management. The Urbido system includes its own environment for working and viewing 3D / BIM models. We can work with IFC and upload your models directly to the map. We accompany information with FM processes, documents and specific activities. Do you solve BIM and do not know how to apply your models for facility management? Transmission and interconnection of information for subsequent use in asset management processes.

Project management

Clear and very useful module for project management. Each project generates a lot of involved people, tasks, documents or costs in its course. Thanks to Urbido, you have a clear overview of everything, you monitor the fulfillment of tasks and the progress of the project. All cleverly integrated with other parts of the application or as a separate module. The solution includes time and financial planning of projects, monitoring of performance and partial milestones. Links to 3D / BIM models and their versions. Or present your projects and plans to citizens by connecting to the Urbido Citizen's Portal. Possibility of expressing or informing about the course of the project. Show off to the citizens everything your community has already done.


Send bulk SMS & emails to your citizens. Create groups, filter by street or part of the village or quickly send an SMS to selected areas on the map. With a history of messages sent and an overview of received or undelivered. We will also help you get in touch and connect you with your citizens. We will fill the database for you.

CITIZEN PORTAL - A unique connection between a smart city or village and its citizens. Give citizens the opportunity to find out important information through the Citizen's Portal. The citizen has the opportunity to vote in polls, watch the official board, communicate with you, receive the necessary information or comment on planned projects. The Citizens' Portal also includes the option of Reporting Defects.

Cemetery administration

Clear administration of cemeteries combined with the passport of grave sites and GIS - map. The module includes important information about grave sites, photographs and automatic monitoring of the decay time. Each grave site also has information on buried persons and tenants, including links to leases with expiration monitoring and alerts. Monitoring of costs / revenues for the cemetery and individual grave sites within the framework of rental relations.

Custom implementation

With us, you do not only buy CAFM solutions. Starting the system, connection to external databases, correct setting of processes and workflow, filling in data, linking with the cadastre of real estate or leading revisions and checks. We will do everything for you at the beginning. You are entering a ready-made solution, which you have been making full use of from the very beginning.
Don't waste time on lengthy implementations.

Integrated security

System and data security is our top priority. It secures through SSO connections from anywhere, or the use of two-phase user authentication.
We have certificates: ISO 27001 a ISO 9001.
The system complies with the Cyber Security Law No. 181/2014 and also meets all GDPR requirements.
Your data is safe with us.

of processes and workflow

You buy the system for several basic reasons. One of them is process and workflow automation. The system solves important things for you and monitors important deadlines, sends notifications, connects key users and external suppliers, sets up a workflow and sends reports.
The system simply works for you.

Integration with required external applications

The system includes an API. We can connect the system to most external systems and applications. It is important to connect the solution so that the data does not duplicate, and on the contrary, their maximum potential is used. The system can be integrated eg into backbone ERP systems (accounting / economic) or SSO from anywhere for single sign-on. The system is comprehensively connected with the ISKN (Real Estate Cadastre Information System) and the ARES database.

Innovation based on user experience

We work together. We are setting up a long-term partnership with our clients with a common goal: a user-friendly and functionally tuned system that meets modern and innovative approaches in the areas of facility management, BIM, GIS, IoT, Smart City and construction digitization. Based on our and your experience, the system is constantly evolving.
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